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About This Service

Welcome Inn Reservation Assistance

If you are an overseas traveler planning a trip to Japan, the Welcome Inn Reservation Assistance service is here to help you find and book economical accommodations at participating inns throughout the country. This free service was started in 1991 with the aim of facilitating travel for international tourists. The service is provided by the International Tourism Center of Japan (ITCJ), and is run by the Welcome Inn Reservation Center (WIRC).

WIRC maintains a list of participating establishments, called Welcome Inns, that meet the following two criteria (among others):
- They welcome foreign guests.
- Their daily rate does not exceed 8,000 yen per single or 13,000 yen per twin/double room for more than two-thirds of the year.
In addition to providing this listing, WIRC is also ready to help you book your reservations.

Welcome Inn Reservation Assistance is a non-profit initiative supported by Nippon Foundation and the Tetsudo Kosaikai Foundation. Thanks to generous grants from them, we are able to offer this service at no charge to guests.

To Japanese Viewers

1. This reservation assistance service has been designed to help individual overseas visitors find economical accommodations in Japan. Since their requests are not normally handled by travel agents on a commercial basis, they have considerable difficulty booking reasonably priced accommodations in Japan. Accordingly, our agreements in force with our sponsors make it impossible for us to provide this service to Japanese people. Though we are sorry we cannot handle your requests, you are, of course, welcome to view our site. Please contact these Inns directly.

2. Some Inns apply a special discount for overseas visitors. A higher rate may apply when you book, so please be sure to check the room rate.

Thank you for your understanding and attention.


1) WIRC provides the information provided by each hotel, and is not responsible for its reliability.
2)WIRC is not responsible for any damage caused by a guest and/or a hotel. Any dispute or loss between a guest and a hotel shall be resolved by the two parties.
3) WIRC is not liable for any damage or loss arising from such causes as interruption or malfunction of the Internet porvider's service, a guest's or hotel's misuse of the Web browser, e-mail program, fax or telephone, etc.
4) If a guest makes a reservation directly at a hotel, it is not considered as the one through WIRC. Therefore, WIRC is not responsible for it. A guest shall directly contact the hotel, to cancel or change the reservation.